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This collection of Criminal Jury Instructions is intended as a guide for judges and attorneys in constructing charges and requests to charge and as a general reference to criminal offenses and their elements. The use of these instructions is entirely discretionary and their publication by the Judicial Branch is not a guarantee of their legal sufficiency.

Criminal Jury Instructions Committee
Hon. Edward J. Mullarkey, Chairperson
Hon. Joan K. Alexander
Hon. Jon C. Blue
Hon. Frank M. D'Addabbo
Hon. Robert J. Devlin, Jr.
Hon. Julia DiCocco Dewey

Hon. Roland D. Fasano
Hon. Susan B. Handy
Hon. Patricia A. Swords
Hon. Gary J. White

Staff Attorney:
Rebecca Morton, Esq.

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The committee would like to honor the late Ronald J. Fracasse, who was a member of the original Criminal Jury Instructions Committee and chaired the committee from 1993 until 2006. The committee drew heavily on the earlier editions of Connecticut Selected Jury Instructions Criminal and owes a debt of gratitude to Judge Fracasse’s leadership in that effort.

In producing this 4th edition of Criminal Jury Instructions, the committee undertook a complete rewriting of the 3rd edition and added over 100 new instructions. See About this Edition for a complete description of the committee’s approach to revising the instructions.

Prepared by Judge Support Services, Superior Court Operations.
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