Supreme Court Notices Archive

11/30/16 -- Notice regarding the upload for Supreme Court and Appellate Court briefs

11/21/16 -- Notice Regarding Hours of Operation for the office of the Appellate Clerk

11/21/16 -- Notice Regarding Decisions on Motions for extension of time

07/08/16 -- Effective August 1, 2016, all self-represented parties* and attorneys must e-file all appellate documents in all types of cases unless they have an exclusion from electronic filing requirements. Briefs must be submitted electronically and on paper. More information about Appellate E-filing.
* Incarcerated self-represented parties cannot file appellate documents electronically at this time.
06/30/16 -- Adoption of Revisions to the Connecticut Practice Book -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
05/27/16 -- SC18782 State of Connecticut v. Steven J. Hayes: Withdrawn
04/28/16 -- Bloomfield High School Students to Participate in 2016 Supreme Court Law Day Celebration  |  Event
02/18/16 -- Slidecast re: Pre Argument Settlement Conference
02/08/16 -- Notice re: Decisions for Motions for Extension of Time - Effective 03/01/16